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*NEW* Birch Tree Faux Foliage


New to our range is the semi-artificial Birch tree. This is a real Birch main trunk centre which is then worked upon to take branches and faux leaves to create the appearance of a 'live' tree. These are perfect for the all year round green Birch tree. Main trunks are available in both a natural silvery / white or sprayed and stressed Himalayan white.

As an optional extra, we have also added an Autumn & Winter pack for your tree too. Simply remove the green leaved branches and replace with those from your seasonal pack. All branches are simply slotted onto wooden rods which have been secured within the main trunk section.

The Autumn pack as you would expect gives you a nice range of oranges, reds and yellows - whilst the winter pack are bare birch branches which have been sealed and splashed with faux snow.

All branching is perfect for wrapping various forms of decorative lighting.

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